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HDMI Cable 3M (Place Saving)

HDMI Cable 3M (Place Saving)
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Rugged Construction
Static load: 1364kg (adjustable feet)
Convenient Cable Entry
Cable entry at the top and bottom with cable manager finger to run cable through out the cabinet.
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Parts and Labor are all included.


Our ultra flexible 30AWG HDMI cables transmit high speed digital AV signals and have small connector heads to allow for easier space management. Available lengths range from 3.3’ to 10’ (1m to 3m).

Order Code: PCA01HD3

Product Details

Gold Connectors

15U gold-plated connectors provide protection against corrosion to ensure product longevity.

Place Saving

The super short, integrated plastic coating molded connectors eliminate your cabling time cost.

Key Features

• Super soft HDMI cable
• 1080p/60 certified
• Support for 4K/3D display
• T-Grip technology
• Short connector head
• Cable lengths ranging from 3.3’ to 10’
• Adheres to HDMI High Speed Cable Specifications
——Supports resolutions up to 1920 * 1200/60 Hz and 1080p/60
——Allows speeds of up to 10.2 Gbps
——Performs at rates of up to 120Hz
——Color depth of up to 48-bit (16 bits per color)
• 30AWG copper conductors
• Gold-plated connectors


Lifetime Warranty

The HDMI cables have a lifetime limited warranty. This warranty includes parts on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, not applying to products that have been damaged, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to DavisLegend or a designated service center with prior notifice and the quantity needing repair.

Performance and technical Specifications

  Standards   High Speed HDMI Digital Cable
  Data Rate   10.2Gbps
  Color Depth   48 bits (16 bits per color)
  Vertical Frequency   Up to 120 Hz
  Network   Yes
  Audio Return Channel   Yes
  Support Deep Color   Yes
  Compatible 3D   Yes
  Support 4K   Yes
  Support Audio   Support all HDMI audio Formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
  Voltage   30V
  Decay   0.3 - 0.825GHz:5dB per2m
    0.825 - 2.475Ghz:5-12dB per2m
    2.475-4.125GHz:12-20dB per2m
    4.125-5.100GHz:20-25dB per2m
  Authentication   RoHS

General Physical Features

  Connector Type   A type Male and A type Male HDMI Cable
  Contacts   24K Gold plated contacts
  Port Size   1.40"Length * 0.78"Width *0.44"Thickness
    (35mm Length * 20.0mm Width * 11.0mm Thickness)
  Cable   * The length excluding the insert part, Metal braided shielding layer,
    prevent the phasewavesinterference, ensure the best quality signal

Mechanical Characteristics

  Working Temperature   -20 ~ 70.C
  Max. Tolerance   110 N
  Min. Bending Radius   8 * O.D.
  Flame Retardant Grade   Normal

Wiring Analysis

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