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RJ11 Phone Module White

RJ11 Phone Module White
RJ11 Phone Module White
RJ11 Phone Module White
RJ11 Phone Module White
RJ11 Phone Module White
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  • Model: DKJ-RJ11-01-CBK
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Rugged Construction
Static load: 1364kg (adjustable feet)
Convenient Cable Entry
Cable entry at the top and bottom with cable manager finger to run cable through out the cabinet.
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Parts and Labor are all included.


Meets audio transmission industry requirements, supports audio communication applications, and is suitable for connecting different equipment, for example, PC to network printers.

Key Features

Gold needles are wear-resistant and have good elasticity.

Parts are made from high strength PC materials.

Cap is designed to ensure continuous contact of the cable and IDC contact point.



Compatible with standard RJ45 connectors, laptops, PCs, network printers, etc



Dimension and Parameter

25U gold-plated, and good for up to 1500 plug-ins

Supports 23-26 AWG single and multiple stranded cables, and is good for up to 250 plug-ins

Item Parameter
IDC Reed Phosphor bronze plating nickel 100u(inch)
ICD pressure welding times ≥ 250 times
Gold Needle 25u(inch)
Insert and Draw Frequency ≥ 1500 times
Insulation resistance >1000MΩ
Contact Resistance <2.0mΩ
Working Temperature -10℃ to 60℃
Humidity 10%~90%

Structure Chart

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